Interested in joining Pebble Creek Flyers??  You must buy a share. 

Pebble Creek is an ownership based club.  We own our field and equipment.  You must purchase a “Share” of the club from a member who wishes to sell their share, and gain approval of the club to transfer the share from seller to buyer. The price of the share will be negotiated between the buyer and seller based on good old “supply and demand”. 

All share owners are required to follow the club rules and pay the annual dues of $135.00 that supports the club’s annual expenses and operations.  

To post a buy or sell interest, or get further details, please send an email to: or text 262-844-9944 to get a call back.

Private Shares for Sale

Tom Kunath – 262-549-1820

Kurt Nettesheim – 262-510-1932

Bruce Weber Share (Passed away March 2020)
Dan Kleckner is contact for wife Louise Asking Price of $1500 Cel: 262-844-9944 E-Mail:

Club Shares for Sale

Share #1 – $2,000
Greg Cholka

Share #3 – $2,000
Greg Cholka

Share #2 – $2,000
Greg Cholka